State and Government
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a constitutional monarchy, ruled since 1952 by His Majesty King Hussein. With the passing of the monarch in February of 1999, the King’s eldest son, His Majesty King Abdullah, ascended the throne. In Jordan, executive power is vested in the Council of Ministers which is appointed by the King, and which is accountable to a two house parliament. The 60 members of the Upper House are appointed by the King, while the 150 deputies of the Lower House are elected by popular vote.

Since 1989 all elements of the Jordanian political spectrum have demonstrated commitment to increased democracy, liberalization and consensus building. These reforms, which have been guided by the late King Hussein, have placed Jordan on an irreversible path toward democratization.
The result has been greater empowerment and involvement of everyday citizens in Jordan’s civic life, contributing to increased stability and institutionalization, which will benefit the county far into the future.

The remarkably stable political and social climate that Jordan has enjoyed for decades under the Hashemite Dynasty continues to thrive under His Majesty King Abdullah’s leadership. The new King has undertaken his father’s legacy of reform, committing his country to the goals of privatization, economic liberalization, and modernization of the law.

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